Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Even though hair loss is a common issue for men, it is generally a nuisance for women as well. This is a problem that does not have gender differentiation. But psychologically negative effect is more visible and perceived among women.

Although there are many different ways to deal with this problem, the hair loss problem can be controlled and prevented only by way of hair mesotherapy and RPR treatment at an early age.

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Genetics factors constitute a substantial part of hair loss problems.
-Hormonal Imbalance

Weakening and thinned hair issues observed in women can be attributable to hormonal balances and hormone treatments. Contraceptives may also cause hair loss.
-Thyroid Disease

Overactive and under performance of thyroid gland that leads to hormonal imbalance may cause hair loss as well.
-Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency anaemia may result from heavy menstrual bleeding.

Iron deficiency is the most important factor that is responsible for weak hair and hair loss in women.
-Malnutrition and Stress

Malnutrition is also responsible for hair loss. Unconscious diets, insufficient intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals are substantial factors as well.
Each factor that is a source of stress causes hair loss, thinned and weakened hair.

Hair loss may be in 3 different ways in women:
1- General: Genetic factors are often influential. It shows itself n the form of a general fall out on each part of the head.
2- On the Top: It is on the vertex. The front hair line is unaffected by it. According to Ludwig classification, it can be seen in 3 different stages. It may develop from a flight hair loss to an advanced level.

3- On the Front: It is on the front as in the case of men. The forehead looks wider.

Hair loss in women is attributable to the hormonal effect (DHT (dihydrotestosterone)) that increases n the hair root. Despite this, the women that suffer from hair loss are hormonally healthy.


In case of hair loss on the back of the head of women that suffer from general and common hair loss, there is a risk that transplanted hair falls out as well.
For this reason, in case of hair loss on the vertex and in general, the first treatment method should e medication (minoxidil) and hair
treatments (hair mesotherapy and PRP).

Hair Mesotherapy
Hair mesotherapy is commonly used in most of the hair transplantation and hair care centres all over the world as it gives concrete and productive results.

Hair mesotherapy is the act of injecting customised mixtures into dermis of the scalp by using micro needles with special methods. It is almost pain-free.

The customised mixture of medication (amino acid, vitamin and mineral mixture) reaches capillary vessel ends that are situated on the mid-layer of the skin and provide nutrition for our hair roots, and show its effects swiftly.

Hair mesotherapy method helps to cease hair loss on the one hand and improves quality of the existing hair on the other hand,
Hair mesotherapy is applied for a period of ten weeks, once per week. Each practice takes 10 minutes only.
If your hair falls out and becomes thinner and thinner, apply to Medicana International Hospital before it is too late. You can consult with our specialists for free.

PRP Treatment
P.R.P (Platelet Rich Plazma) hair treatment has been implemented successfully all over the world.

It stops hair loss and helps thinned and weak hair roots to regain its health and rejuvenation.

Objective of P.R.P. treatment is to stimulate almost dead hair roots and weak strands so that they regain their health.

Your own blood (10 cc) is exposed to a special process. The growth factor content, which is obtained from dissociation of leukocytes and blood platelets, and which stimulates the hair roots directly, as well as highly rick stem cells, are injected to hairless or weakened area with the help of micro needles.

PRP is applied once a month for 4 sessions. Each application takes 20 minutes.

Objective of the Treatment:
To stop further loss of hair,
To ensure existing hair grows denser, thicker, healthier with higher qualities,
To trigger, nurture and rejuvenate hair roots and strands that are inactive under the skin,
To help long-weak and thinned hair regain its heath instead of short-term changes and practices,
This method is less demanding compared to shampoo, spray etc., however it gives concrete and permanent results,

The results are fast, visible and effective.
If your hair falls out and becomes thinner and thinner, apply to Medicana International Hospital before it is too late. You can consult with our specialists for free.