Beard Transplantation

Beard, Moustache And Whisker Transplantation

Healthy and thick hair is as important as beard and moustache for a man’s self-confidence and good look.

What are the reasons for beard and moustache loss?

The most important reason for beard and moustache loss is genetics. Autoimmune diseases, skin disorders, low testosterone are most likely to cause it.
Even though one can use cosmetic products and medications to restructure hair, the results are often not productive. The only concrete and permanent solution for reconstruction is beard and moustache transplantation.

Who can have beard and moustache transplantation?

Anybody that has no or thin beard and moustache can have transplantation operation.
Beard and moustache can be transplanted for those that have none; likewise the same operation can be preferred in case of folliculitis. Hair can be transplanted in area where there are scars.

How is the operation performed?

As in the case of hair transplantation, hair follicles are collected one by one from the back of the neck, and subsequently transplanted to the desired area.
Productive results can be seen in two to three months of time following the transplantation. Hair follicles that are transplanted adapt to the structure and appearance of that area in a short time so that nobody can tell the difference.

What We Offer at Cosmedica, Turkey

We offer the services of a world-renowned surgeon supported by an experienced team to perform outstanding beard, moustache and transplantation procedures in the Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey. Known for the results we have achieved with our FUE technique we have helped many men regain their self-confidence and feeling better about themselves once more. The beard transplant procedure is painless and the patient suffers virtually no discomfort, not during the procedure and not afterwards.

The success of any beard transplant depends on the skills and expertise of the surgeon and his team. When you are dealing with knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals renowned for their successes, you can have confidence that they will perform procedures that will leave no scars, and within a short while patients will not know the difference as they will be able to shave and groom themselves perfectly.

Experienced aesthetic surgeons employ their skills to ensure their patients benefit from the procedures and are able to grow the hair they want, also to cover previous facial scarring in addition to showing off their beard, moustache and whiskers. The best surgeons at Cosmedica, Turkey are able to apply their skills in such a way that no scars will be visible after the procedure, the overall result will look natural and the patient will be totally satisfied with the outcome.

Travelling back to your destination the next day after your beard transplant in Turkey is an option exercised by many since there are no signs of discomfort and all normal routines are possible once more.