Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrows play a great role for different expressions, gestures and mimics. They are quite striking with an important role as far as characteristic expressions are concerned.

There are many cosmetic products or medications used for reconstructing eyebrow loss; however they do not give productive results. The only concrete and actual result is possible through eyebrow transplantation.

Accident, trauma, burns, some dermatologic reasons and frequent eyebrow threading for designing purposes may result in eyebrow loss either in part or in full.

How is it applied?

Technically, eyebrow transplantation is performed, as in the case of hair transplantation, by collecting hair follicles from the back of the head and placing them into the eyebrow pitch.

The application takes one hour and the patient can take a shower 1 day following the operation.

Although growth of the eyebrows that are transplanted depends on the person’s anatomy, it takes up to two and six months.

The transplanted eyebrows grow faster compared to your own eyebrow for the first year, after which they adapt to the growth rate of your own eyebrows.

Does applicable technique vary from person to person?

It is usually the same technique that is used however the extent ad reasons for the eyebrow loss may be good to know for the technique to be used.

Is it a painful application?

Absolutely not. Local anaesthesia is applied prior to the operation area via cold spray or pomade to eliminate pain. Even eyebrow tattoos are more painful than this operation.

Can one get a natural look after eyebrow transplantation?

It is very important to know what kind of eyebrows one is looking after. The thickness, thinness, and angle of the eyebrow transplantation should be suitable for the former eyebrow shape and hair structure of the patient.

The shape and thickness of the eyebrows are determined. It is drawn with a pencil and planned before starting the operation.

What We Offer at Cosmedica, Turkey

Since the eyebrows form such an integral part of anybody’s appearance with regard to expressions and emotions that are often conveyed by the face and its brows, it follows that those patients who opt for an eyebrow transplant will do so in order to feel they can improve their appearance and regain lost self-confidence.

It is important to have confidence in the professionalism, skills and expertise of the surgeon who performs the procedure. No two patients share the same profile and therefore individualised attention is paramount.

To benefit from the best eyebrow transplant procedures in Turkey it is essential to know that the surgeon is well-known and highly regarded and offers great knowledge and experience of these procedures.

Patients want to know that they are entrusted to a highly skilled surgeon and that the procedure is not invasive and will not cause discomfort or pain. The eyebrow transplant procedure does not take long, is normally performed under local anaesthetic and the patient can resume normal activities fairly quickly once more.

Because of the meticulous nature of the procedure the surgeon will inform the patient beforehand what it entails and what after-care procedures apply. Patients want to know they receive their procedures and after-care procedures in medical centres whose surgeons, support staff and facilities are among the best available. Therefore they approach those surgeons who are known for outstanding results and satisfied clients, such as the services offered by Dr Acar’s Sugery.